Gaming during Lockdown

Gaming during Lockdown

In today’s society it is becoming more common for students, faculty, parents and staff to be gaming while in school. While some argue that it adds clutter to the classroom, it can actually help to calm a student down, as well as keep them quiet. As more schools are placing video gaming devices such as Xbox, Play station, Nintendo Wii and other consoles inside of the school building, it is becoming more common for students to be gaming during their school days. Although it is debatable as to how much this type of gaming helps improve one’s grades or memory skills, it does remove distractions from the classroom and is a great way to ensure that students get the most out of the class time. In fact, most schools are banning gaming consoles altogether due to the negative influence they have on students.

However, there are some pros to gaming during lockdown. For one, it does provide extra stimulation for a child, especially if the gaming console is located within their room or away from their room in the case of an entire school. Games such as Call of Duty and other first person shooters tend to be very stimulating and can help a student focus and memorize information fast. It may even make learning a second language easier, which will not only help during the school year but in life as well. Gamers who are not already good at taking turns and communicating with others tend to do better when they have something to focus on, such as a game.

Another benefit to gaming during lockdown is that it provides an outlet for a child to get out of the house and enjoy time with friends without having to worry about disturbing the rest of the class. Just like adults, children need to have their social life, and gaming can sometimes fill that void without actually going outside. Plus, most kids will not be able to ask their parents for an extra hour of gaming time because of the long lunch hours they have to work with. So, it can be an enjoyable alternative to having dinner together.

If your child is locked out of the classroom, there are other activities that can be done while in the facility. Lockdown Sudoku, a math game, can be played in the event you don’t have a computer or game console available. Flash card games, word games, foreign language games, and crossword puzzles can all be found throughout the school’s library and online at various websites. These games can help students practice their multiplication tables and reading skills and also keep them occupied while there is a lock down in the building.

If the school is going through a severe budget crisis, there is usually a lot of fun activities that can be done during a lockdown. Most schools have a computer lab that is available for use by faculty and staff during the day and during breaks or long summer vacations. The availability of PCs or laptops allows for educational video games and other computer related games to be freely played on campus. In addition, the availability of cell phones allows a child to play games with friends anywhere in the world. Some of these games can lead to increased reading, writing and arithmetic skills for the players.

A strong support system is necessary for a child to handle the stress of being separated from friends and family during a school shooting or other school-related lockdown situation. Providing emotional support can go a long way towards easing the transition for students. It can also make the transition to normal school go more smoothly. Children should be encouraged to reach out to friends during this time. Even if they need to stay in their rooms, the added presence of friends can provide a sense of comfort and security for a child who has suddenly gone missing.

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