Why My Check Engine Light Is On

Why My Check Engine Light Is On

Why my check engine light is on” is a question I get asked quite often from my fellow drivers. It is not uncommon to cruise around for 30 minutes or more with a “check engine” light showing up. Sometimes it can be so annoying that you are ready to pull off the road and park the car until you can figure out what is wrong. One of the biggest reasons behind this problem could be an automatic transmission. If you have purchased an automatic transmission make sure you check the tachometer and the odometer on a regular basis. If they are not wearing well there might be a problem with your transfer case.

Another reason why your check engine light is on is faulty gas line. Make sure you don’t use cheap gas at your local auto parts store. The last thing you want is a “check engine” light showing up on your vehicle because you ran out of fuel. Low gas levels cause “check engine” lights to flash as your engine attempts to perform functions to try and correct the situation. It is extremely important to always keep an appropriate amount of gas in your vehicle.

Sometimes problems with the catalytic converter or exhaust system can cause a “check engine” light to flash. This usually only happens on older vehicles that have had their catalytic converters replaced. If this does occur, a quick check of your OBD scanner may help you diagnose the problem and the proper fix. If you do not have an OBD scanner, you can get your vehicle checked by a technician at your dealership.

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